Saturday, May 10, 2008

Common iPhone Problems.

Okay, So I bought an iPhone recently and I have already started experiencing small small problems with this amazing piece of gadget. In this article I will describe the problems I have encountered while using the iPhone and the possible solutions to them.
So here is the first one.
1. Lost all the sounds including ringtones, clicks etc.:
What happened was my iPhone was running under low battery in the night and forget to charge it before sleeping. It was dead in the morning.
So the first thing I decided to do after reaching my office was to charge the phone. I
connected the iPhone to my macbook and started my days work. After an hour or so I wanted to make a call. So picked up my iPhone and to my surprise found that it was hung at the startup screen. So I tried to do a soft reset but couldn't do that. Now I was scared. I thought I will open it up and take the battery out for some. But I didn't know
how to open it. Now I was afraid of loosing all my data on the phone. So finally I thought I will restore my iPhone firmware using iTunes keeping aside the fear of loosing the data. So I pressed the home button and the power button simultaneously
the way we do to put is into recovery mode. I but released both the buttons as soon as
the iPhone went off. (If the iPhone goes off and you keep pressing the power button then it will put it into recovery mode.) So now I managed to power the iPhone down.
With a lot of courage I powered it back again and to my happiness it came back up again. Now was the time to make a call. I went to call a friend of mine. Oops it couldn't here the ring. I thought he might not be reachable. After a few time he pinged
me on yahoo messenger saying that you called me and didn't utter a word on the phone. I said okay let me call you again. Same thing again. Then I asked him to call me. I could see his incoming call on the screen but could hear any ringtone. I went on the play some songs. Oh God!! I could not play song. By this time I had realized that my iPhone had went dumb :(. I saw all the setting and found everything fine. I thought I might have installed some malicious app which could have done this. So I uninstalled all the apps which I had recently installed. But it didn't help. I couldn't understand what went wrong. I asked others about the problem. Many people suggested upgrading to 1.1.4 using iTunes. I was about the do this then I thought off trying one last thing. There is an option to reset settings under Settings>General>Reset. So I click on the reset all setting. After this the iPhone did a soft reboot on itself. And voila the sounds came back again. :) Yeah Baby. Only thing
I lost with this was that all the menus on my home screen got rearranged. Everything else including all my data was intact.