Friday, December 14, 2007

The Beginning...

Just to introduce myself...
           I am not the one who is writing this blog or may be I am writing it on
behalf of someone else. Someone who as helped me reach here. 
What is this blog about...
           This blog is mainly about computers. I will write about small things
about computers (hardware, software and any other thing related to
computers). You  will  find these small things really useful and helpful for 
you as a user of computer.
I learnt these things by my own use of computer, by seeing others using
the computer or by searching on Internet.  This may be a simple task like
installing Linux operating system in various ways and may be as complex
as writing a kernel level module. And yes, this is not a 
Linux blog (though most of the stuff it contains will be based on Linux) 
this is a computers blog. So I will talk about Linux and windows both and 
hardware off course. So this is the beginning of a new school :)...  Excuse
my poor English its not my mother tongue.  

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