Friday, December 28, 2007

Which Linux distribution to use.

       I have been a Red Hat fan from the beginning. Red Hat 7 was the first distribution I used in the college and I am a kind of faithful to things which
I use for the first time and which satisfied my needs. Its like first impression
is the last impression. So I used Red Hat 7 , 8 , 9, Fedora Core 1, 2 , 3, 4, 5
and 6. And finally I have shifted to Ubuntu. So I have used Ubuntu 6, 7.10.
        Frankly speaking there is not much of a difference between the distri-
butions. The only problem I found with RedHat was that every time you
have a new device to work with you will have to download and compile the
drivers yourself which may or may not work depending upon your  luck.
With Ubuntu life if simple. You will get whatever you want only thing it
needs is an internet connection and it will search for and download things
by itself. I have seen people using Debian. I found it more like Ubuntu. Suse!!
Please don't talk about it. I just hate the name. I haven't used it but still I
hate the name for some reason. Centos is more like RedHat Enterprise Linux.
It is a good alternative if you are a RedHat fan. Not used any other Linux.
Have heard that OpenSuse is also very good choice.
        So my final word is that if you have a good internet connection go for
latest Ubuntu Gusty Gibbon. Its amazing and you would definitly like it in
every sense , its looks, feels, ease of use etc. If you are new to Linux than
go for Ubuntu. For more info go to

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