Wednesday, February 6, 2008

iPhone for newbies

Looking at the release date of iPhone this post is
quite outdated. But I still beleive there are people
(at lease in countries like India) who don't know what
an iPhone is.Okay here is what you need to know if you
are new to iPhone. This includes what an iPhone is
actually. Is it usefull for you or not. If it is not
then how to make it usefull for you.
So, what exactly is iPhone? As the name suggests
iPhone is a phone. It has been designed by Apple inc.
What is so special about iPhone. According to Apple
iPhone is not simply a phone. In addition it has a wide
screen iPod and you can also use it to surf the internet.
You can take pictures with it. You can store your pictures,
videos and songs. You can watch you favorite videos from
internet. You can check your mails. Apart from all these
things you can install various useful applications, games
Next thing is that. It is not useful for at least
people in countries like India. Apple has a deal with
AT&T (the cellular services provider) that if you want to
use iPhone then you have to stick wiht AT&T for 2 years
you cannot use any other service providers. The phone
comes locked for other sims. You have to get it activated
from AT&T.

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