Saturday, February 9, 2008

What is igoogle

This post it basically about
igoogle. It is here because many people
look at my home page and they
are surprised to see how come this
guys is different from the
normal come. And my usual
and sincere answer is because I am
different from you. And they think that
I am making a sarcastic comment. In
whatever way you take it but what I
said is true. igoogle is gives you
option to personalize your page. So I
feel since everybody is a different
person he should have a different igoogle
So here is how to get your
personalized page using igoogle. Goto Search for igoogle on the
page. It is usually on the upper right
corner of the page. Click on the link
and you will be asked to sign in. Sign-in
using your existing google account. You
will find yourself at your personalized
home page. Now you can say that you
are also different from others ;).
Now next thing is how to be more
different from others that is how to add
more stuff to your personalized home page.
Search for "add stuff" on your igoogle
page. Go to the link. You will see a long
list of gadgets you can add. You can even
search for gadgets. For example if you
are looking for a dictionary like tool
just search for "dictionary" in the search
box. You will get a list a of various
dictionary like tools - like,
google translate etc. Just search for video
if you want to have tools that will play
some videos from google videos youtube etc
on you home page. You have list of hottest,
latest and most used gadgets. You also have
the option of browsing the contents by categories.
Various categories are like news, sports, games
Apart from this if you are into looks
and feels kind of stuff igoogle provides you
with various themes which you can add to your
page. You can arrange your gadgets using the
tabs options provided.

If you are more than just a user that
is if you are a developer kind of guy then
you also have to option of creating your
own google gadget.
So that is it. Dont wait. Go get
yourself a personalized google home page now.

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